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I am starting this blog as a resource for the very many small businesses out there who want to compete on the internet and the hugely competitive area of search engine ranking positions so that they can understand the basics of SEO and can make more informed decisions about the type of SEO campaign that is most appropriate to their business.
SEO is not a dark art whose secrets are only known by a few – it can, in fact, be learnt, understood and performed by anyone with the right background knowledge and skills. But the reason business owners use an SEO consultant or agency is because they need, and indeed want, to concentrate on actually running their business. But just because a business does not have the skills in-house or the inclination to embark on optimising their website should not mean they are at the mercy of large SEO agencies that suggest only huge sums of money will get them to the top of the rankings.


Search engine optimisation requires a logical, systematic approach to modifying both the website content and sometimes the structure itself and it requires perseverance. Too often I have seen companies give up on SEO after a few months when a little bit more effort could reap huge benefits from a page 1 ranking. Many companies are happy to sit on Page 2 of the search engines perhaps not realising the massive jump in visitors and hence leads, they would reap by moving up a few places to Page 1.


Of course Google and the other major search engines would argue that internet searchers want to see the top companies at the top of the rankings as they are more likely to provide a buyer/consumer with what they want. And of course Google’s reputation is built on providing great search results.


But does that really benefit the consumer? How many of us only want to shop in supermarkets and large chain stores where our choice might be wide but the choices on offer are governed by the buying power of those stores. There is clearly room in the bricks-and-mortar retail marketplace for small independents who provide an alternative in quality and choice for all sorts of goods and I, for one, believe they should have a chance in the online marketplace too.


It is a common misconception that it is easy to start up an online business, well, let me correct myself, it IS easy to start up an online business but making it a success is another matter.

Well that’s my first post here – from now on I will be giving tips and hints and hard(ish) facts about SEO for startup businesses and established businesses aiming to succeed online. I hope they will encourage you to start taking SEO seriously and make your business successful or, if you have already started down the road of search engine optimisation, I hope I can encourage you to continue.

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